Our Company

dancer13RLBFT recognizes its responsibility to develop programs to make its performances accessible to everyone in the community and to respond to the aesthetic needs of all segments of the Texas community that cannot be met by performances alone. These outreach programs exist to educate Austin and the state of Texas about the art of Mexican Regional Folk Dance and the organization’s missions and goals.

RLBFT is committed to building a Ballet Folklórico Company with a highly versatile repertoire containing traditional, authentic dance styles as well as modern interpretation of present-day Mexican folk themes.

The school’s purpose is to identify and to train a wide variety of promising young dance talents with the ultimate objective of creating a flow of gifted dancers into the Junior Troupe and eventually into the ranks of the Professional Company. The school is also committed to serving the community through dance instruction for children of all ages, young and older adults and a teacher’s class for classroom application.

Our success has not come easily. It has required an incredible amount of work, dedication and perseverance by hundreds of volunteers. We are now very much an important and vital part of Texas tradition. Wherever the Company travels it is embraced with open and enthusiastic arms. We are not only ambassadors to a colorful and exciting cultural heritage, but also to the great State that is Texas. On August 28, 1993 at Austin’s Zilker Hillside Theater, RLBFT celebrated its “Tribute to the City of Austin” performance to commemorate its 10th Anniversary. In the summer of 1993 RLBFT was featured in Saltillo, México’s 416th Anniversary celebration, where nearly 4,000 people gathered in the main square to witness “a well-studied, traditional and extremely imaginative performance”, as described by local historians and civic leaders. Another important success came when the Company represented the Mexican City of Zapópan, Jalisco at the US/México International Sister Cities Annual Conference.

Among its achievements, the Company received the “COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD” presented annually by the Mexican-American State Comptrollers Association. It closed the Austin Festival of Dance in 1992 and 1993 at the Paramount Theater, and was featured at the Grand Opening of the Austin Convention Center. In a performance sponsored by the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, the Company accomplished its first international collaboration with the Russian Dance Troupe “Zoriushka”.

At the request of Governor Ann Richards, Roy Lozano welcomed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the State Capitol Ceremony and entertained the Queen with a performance by students from the dance school. The students also helped Governor Richards celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sesame Street’s New York Company at the Governor’s Mansion. Also, our Company was the proud sponsor of Amalia Hernandez’s Ballet Folkórico de México from Mexico City in their Austin stop of their 1992 U.S. tour. Austin Mayor Bruce Todd proclaimed August 27, 1994 as “Roy Lozano Day”, and August 27, 1995 as “Roy Lozano’s Ballet Folklórico de Texas Day”.

Since 1995, RLBFT has performed in the annual “16 de septiembre” celebration sponsored by the Mexican Consulate. In 1996, the Company performed a Cinco de Mayo performance at the Zilker Hillside Theater as a gift to the City of Austin from local Fox network affiliate, Channel 7. In 1996 RLBFT reached an audience of over 35,000 people through major performances. In February, 1997, RLBFT had four full houses for Austin Independent School District students, mainly comprised of second and third graders, in its annual “Lively Arts” show at the Paramount Theater. In March, 1997, RLBFT had a standing room only audience at the Hippodrome Theater in Waco, Texas’ annual “Fiesta Waco”.

The Company mourns the passing of its Founder and Artistic Director, Roy Lozano. The world will miss not only a consummate and demanding Dancer/Choreographer, but a dear friend. Under the artistic direction of Jesús “Chuy” Chacón, the Company has found an incredible incentive in carrying forward the dreams and aspirations of our founder, Roy Lozano. As Roy planned, we have continued the tradition of providing training, lectures and performances for the children of the Austin Independent School District and will further expand our much-needed services for all Austin communities to benefit. We will continue to present quality productions in all of our presentations, performances, lectures, workshops and exchange programs.