General Information

Since 1986, RLBFT has served the Central Texas community through its adult and children’s School of Dance. RLBFT’s School of Dance exists to educate students about Mexico’s rich dance heritage through a curriculum grounded in ballet.

dancer12Students learn about Mexico’s dance origins, including the significance of music, costumes and props within the context of regional or national history. Students are taught a variety of physical skills, including body coordination, flexibility, and stamina, and gain enhanced self-esteem.

By identifying promising young dance talents, RLBFT hopes to create a flow of gifted dancers through its School of Dance and Junior Companies, and eventually into the ranks of the Adult Company.

RLBFT accepts students as young as five years old. Based on age or dance ability, children move from the beginning to the intermediate classes, and then to more advanced classes. All classes are taught by the company’s Artistic Director or Adult Company dancers.

At the end of each semester, unless otherwise notified, RLBFT will automatically re-enroll students for the next semester. The School of Dance is separated into two semesters, with the spring semester running January – June and the fall semester running July – December.

RLBFT requires its students to come prepared to class and in uniform. Because colorful clothing and logos can distract young dancers, RLBFT maintains a strict uniform policy for all of its students. This is done to promote student discipline and group unity. Additional information on class uniform and required practice materials can be found here.


Occasionally, children in the School of Dance will be asked to perform. While the majority of these shows will be performed by the performance classes or the Junior Company, RLBFT will, under special circumstances, allow its beginner or intermediate students to perform. Parents and students should note that the School of Dance exists to teach dance, and not to perform simply for the sake of performance. RLBFT does not require any of its students to perform; however, they are encouraged to participate in small shows throughout the year and in two of the company’s large shows in August and December.

Costumes, accessories, and props for performances are provided to all students in the School of Dance, allowing them to participate in the full folklórico experience without the added costs of having to purchase their own costumes.


Eligible students and their families are encouraged to apply for one of RLBFT’s student scholarships, which, if awarded, will cover the cost of tuition for one semester. Only students who have been enrolled for at least one semester in the School of Dance will be allowed to apply for a scholarship.