dancer9RLBFT is proud of its dedicated instructors who weekly teach students in our School of Dance. All instructors are members of RLBFT’s Adult Company.

Artistic Director Jesús Chacón

_MG_7771Jesús Antonio Chacón, or “Chuy” as he prefers to be called, was raised in Jimenez, Chihuahua, Mexico where he began learning ballet folklórico at the age of five. After moving to Austin and joining RLBFT’s Adult Company in 1986, Chuy soon joined the ranks of the company’s principal dancers. His involvement expanded to include assisting with costume management, and in 1988 he began teaching in the children’s School of Dance.

Chuy has been the leader of RLBFT since 1994 when Roy Lozano named him his successor. Under his leadership, the company continues in the tradition of its late founder.

As Artistic Director, Chuy plays a vital role in all aspects of the company. Twice a year he travels to Mexico to study with dance masters to learn new regions. Upon his return to Austin, he begins the long process of deciding which new region he would like to add to the company’s repertoire.

In 2007, Chuy became representative of Texas to the National Association of Popular Mexican Dance Instructors. He is the first and only U.S. based instructor to be recognized by the Association, and serves as Board Secretary at its annual meetings.

Chuy is also tasked with overseeing the School of Dance and ensuring instruction is in-line with the company’s mission: to create a flow of gifted dancers through the school into the Adult Company. Chuy is proud to be doing something he loves: “I intend to be an instructor as long as I can. I have a lot of friends in Mexico that continue teaching until they can’t walk, and I want to follow that example.”

Victoria Carr: Children’s Beginner Class

Jennifer Martinez: Children’s Beginner Class & Children’s Intermediate Class

Maria Aurora Reynoso: Junior Intermediate Class

Cori Vela: Junior Advance Class

Rebecca Rowland: Adult Beginner Class

Gabriel Torres: Children’s Couples Class

_MG_7707Gabe Torres teaches RLBFT’s co-ed Children’s Couples Class The obvious challenge with teaching just one gender is two-fold for Gabe. He began teaching in the School of Dance in 1997 after joining the company’s adult dancers in 1995. He also doubles as RLBFT’s Wardrobe Manager.

“It’s interesting because boys and girls learn very differently,” says Gabe, who learned much of what he knows since joining the Adult Company in 1996. “For boys, my goal is for them to know how to control the character of each dance. For girls, my goal is to teach projection and technique.” Gabe admits that he’s just a grown-up kid, eager to grow and show off what he’s learned.

“When I find out what a new prop means in a dance, or why skirts are held a particular way, I want to share that knowledge immediately, “Gabe says. “I’m very gratified when a student knows why dances are the way they are. The reward for me is seeing someone I’ve taught enjoy dancing because of what they’ve learned.”